Criminal Cases

Criminal law deals with the penal consequences that arise from criminal offences in violation of the penal code of the country. As a result in contrast to civil laws where private parties bring claim against each other, in criminal law it is mostly the State which brings about an action against the offending party.

An expert criminal lawyer is aware not only of the legal provisions of criminal law but also the peculiarities that go hand in hand with this field of law such as right to speedy trial of the accused, prohibition against double jeopardy, prohibition against self incrimination, prohibition against unreasonable search and seizures, also as opposed to civil law where the standard of proof is preponderance of probability, the standard of proof in criminal law is proof beyond reasonable doubt.

In the field of criminal law, We have been providing legal assistance, support and services to its clients regarding :

  • Appeal before the Supreme Court of India
  • Complaints to Police Authority / ACP / Commissioner
  • Anticipatory Bail applications
  • Regular Bail applications
  • Revision Petitions
  • Quashing of Criminal Proceedings before the High Court
  • Special Leave Petitions to Appeal before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India
  • Criminal Writ Petitions
  • Complaint Cases for Cheque dishonour
  • Matters relating to penal offences under the Companies Act
  • Negotiable Instruments Act
  • Matters relating to customs.

We are equally competent to handle matters on original and appellate side to achieve excellent results for anyone.

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