Domestic violence

By its very nature, a domestic violence charge is a serious offense. In the event an alleged victim does not wish to pursue charges, sole discretion rest with the District or City Attorney’s office. Many times, it is necessary to go to trial to get the charges cleared. That is why having an experienced “domestic violence attorney” on your side is crucial to the outcome of your case.

If convicted of domestic violence, be prepared for mandatory jail time, long-term domestic violence counseling, losing all rights to own and carry a firearm and lengthy court review hearings. Subsequent domestic violence/ domestic battery convictions have enhanced penalties. If you have been charged with domestic violence or domestic battery, hiring an aggressive, knowledgeable lawyer is a must.

Our law firm has handled thousands of cases, hiring the right attorney can and will make a huge difference in the outcome of your domestic violence charge.

As a criminal defense lawyer, I have obtained countless dismissals and not guilty verdicts for many of my clients.

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